Exclusive CIO Executive Lunch: The Connected CIO Talks

How to turn disruptive trends into business opportunities for the C-suite

As technology continues to transform not only business but society as a whole, company boards are turning more and more to their CIO to find answers, on multiple levels.

To succeed in business transformation, companies need leadership, the right partners and skills, and most importantly, strong partnerships within the C-Suite. Modern technologies are key enablers in this, but it’s not easy to see the forest for the trees.

How can CIOs be bridge builders between technology and business? How can they connect both the digital realities and the business needs - and translate hypes into (business) reality? And how can they make these new technologies, like AI and IoT, relevant for their peers in the C-Suite?

Join us for an interactive lunch debate

You’ll get an answer to the questions above at the Connected CIO Talks lunch debate. Before we start, Ludek Safar, presales manager at Dell with a stellar track record and a passion for technology, will share their insights with you.

Your interactive participation and experience will certainly lead to interesting conversations with your peers in the C-Suite.

Our Connected CIO event is part of our program of activities at the Dell Technologies Forum.

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